Castle has recurring dreams about his missing two months. Beckett encourages him to see her therapist Dr. Burke. Burke uses hypnosis to help Castle get a better look at his dream. There’s a trophy he won in debate class and a man he knew as a boy in school. Then he’s being chased through the jungle by a blond man. A Chuck Norris look alike saves him. 

At first the leads don’t pan out and Castle becomes obsessed with the investigation. Martha and Alexis are worried about him but Beckett promises to be there no matter what.  Esposito makes it clear he doesn’t believe Castle’s story about his missing two months but continues to help with investigation.

Dr. Burke helps Castle realize that the dreams started after he saw a man in the background of a newscast on TV. He was the blond man shooting at Castle in his dream. Beckett and the team find out that he’s Ilya Golovkin, a rogue Russian assassin for hire. 

Golovkin kills Jeff Powers, the Chuck Norris look a like in Castle’s dream. Studying Powers financial records, Castle heads to a cafe he ate at weekly and finds Bilal Khan. Castle recognizes him from his dream. Bilal tells him that he went to prep school with Rick. He later worked in Pakistani Intelligence and Rick called him about book research. But Bilal joined Al- Qaeda and moved his way up the ranks before decided to defect and turn over all he knew to the CIA.

But when his contact was killed, he refused to resurface until he saw someone he knew, trusted, and was of such stature that he couldn’t easily be killed off without raising lots of questions. That man was Rick Castle. 

As Bilal is taken away by his handlers once again, Rick runs into Golovkin but before he can kill Rick, Henry Jenkins kills him. Instead of saying thank you, Rick punches Jenkins in the nose for ruining his wedding day. 

Jenkins explains that since Bilal’s intel was about a imminent terrorist attack, time was of the essence and Castle was picked up that very day, missing his wedding but the intel they got from Bilal helped save tens of thousands of people. 

Castle shares the information with Alexis, Martha and Kate but no one else. Golovkin’s body disappeared from the alley before police arrived. Castle doesn’t have all of the answers (why was Rich shot and gone for two months?) but for now, he can move on.