Once again there is wedding talk but this time it is Martha coming up with the suggestions. Rick asked her to look into flowers and she suggests the bride and groom walk through the ‘tunnel of love.’ She then goes on to suggest a wall size photo of the couple made of flowers. Rick tries to tell Martha that it is too much but she becomes sensitive about being involved in the wedding.

Kate and Rick interview Frank who says he had nothing to do with it. Kate realizes that Bianci went out after dinner because his outfit is different from the one in the picture from dinner.

Kate consults with an old detective that used to work the case and he gives an address for Bianci’s confidant, Harold.

Harold still believes it is the 1970s. His house and lifestyle are trapped in time and in order for Kate and Rick to talk to him they have to pretend it is still that era. He says he knows who killed Bianci but Kate slips up on the time period and the man refuses to talk until he can see the body.

Back at the morgue Laine says Bianci died of multiple gunshot wounds. Laine managed to get a perfect mold of the body from the concrete. Rick suggests that they use the mold to fool Harold so they can get the information from him. The only catch is they all have to pretend they are from the ’70s.


Ryan and Esposito start investigating old crime bosses. One in particular stands out, Michael Carcano. His family owned the concrete that Bianci was buried in. He tells Ryan and Esposito to leave the past alone in a threatening way.

Kate and Rick bring Harold in to view the body. Laine puts on her best Foxy Brown impression to keep up the ruse. Harold is distraught that his friend is dead and while Kate talks with him in the hallway they are attacked by a gunman.

Rick takes Harold home and tries to convince him to talk. Harold insists on going to the precinct which means that the whole place would need a makeover to look like the ’70s. Kate is in charge because Gates is out of town so the decision is hers. Rick enlists the help of Martha to make the precinct look like the ’70s.

Martha of course goes over the top including writing scripts and bringing in actors. Martha and Rick fight over her excessive behavior. She even dragged Alexis into it.

Ryan and Esposito take on the image of two detectives from the ’70s that Harold recognizes. He insists that ‘Snooki and Ray’ interview him. While they are talking, Esposito’s phone goes off and pulls Harold out of it. He suddenly doesn’t remember anything but the Gliterati Club. Gates turns up and demands to know what it going on.

Ryan and Esposito find the Gliterati Club is still open and a ’70s club. They take Harold there to see if it jogs his memory. Harold enters the Gliterati and starts to dance.

Kate interviews the suspect who shot at them in the morgue. He is connected to several other murders. The man won’t say who he was working for and insists he has more friends on the inside.

Frank Russo owns the Gliterati Club. Harold confronts Frank and insists that Frank killed Bianci. Frank says that Bianci asked to have a private party at the club the night he died. Harold and Bianci were in love but Harold told him to marry.

Bianci was set to marry Michael Carcano’s sister but he decided he didn’t want to betray Harold. In the end she killed Bianci and married Frank Russo.

As a farewell to Bianci, the group go with Harold to the Gliterati to celebrate him ’70s style.