With the latest case of a murdered bail bondsman, Beckett discovers that Castle’s wild imagination and theories may be on the mark. Beckett’s ex-partner makes a surprise arrival and Castle is forced to watch the two reminisce and engage in a little romance. This week’s episode delivered an interesting — and entirely amusing — case. A jewel heist, a treasure hunt and several betrayals had to make for an awesome episode. 

Alexis wants to get a Vespa leading us to find out about Beckett owning a Harley.

Which naturally lead the inquisitive Castle to find out more about this subject…

The first suspect is Random Pierce, who has an alibi of shoplifting a copy of The DaVinci Code. While chasing after him, Beckett has a run in with a former partner/bounty hunter, Mike Royce.

Of course, we need more info on the backstory of Royce and Beckett so we get it right from the horses mouth!

Castle is enamored and must hear more so he forgoes an interrogation to hang back with Royce to get more details about young Beckett.

Since Random alibied out, shoplifting of all things, Beckett let’s Royce pick up his bounty fee. As a thank you, Royce makes plans to reconnect with Kate.

Looks like they are having a great time, joking and reminiscing with Beckett telling Royce she found her moms killer. But, it is never as good as it looks as Royce harbors a deep dark secret.

Meanwhile, back at the precinct, Castle is facing a few problems. First he is totally frustrated by the paper in Carver’s sock and two, Alexis got the money to buy the Vespa

Castle figures it out that it is a treasure map. Meanwhile, full of guilt for leaving g Beckett stranded at the bar and for his past sins including betraying Kate, Royce calls the station trying to clear his conscience.

They figure out that it is a map of the cemetery so off they go searching for the treasure and their suspects.

The gang us all there which leads to a standoff…

In a bittersweet moment, Beckett has to do the unthinkable

But how did it turn out? Did they find it?