Today’s addition of Throwback Thursday is the compliment to the recent post called Men of Beckett. The rules are the same, the star must have at least gone on a date with those on the list.



Rick sure was the playboy wasn’t he!

Season 1 Episode 1. Gina Cowell.


 Castle is at the launching of his last Derek Storm novel and is hounded by his ex-wife #2 and current publisher/editor. Rick has severe writers block but we all know how he gets cured of that!

Season 1.Episode 6. Meredith

image It’s the deep fried Twinkie and I will take Rick’s word for how good their foray was! Ex wife number 1 storms back into town looking to get back into the lives of Alexis and Rick. It took some ingenuity to get her back to California

Season 2. Episode 5. Paula Haas.

image Rick’s literary agent. She sees how he looks at Beckett and mutters: “One night stand Geez, one night in Ibiza and what do I get? A chapter in Storm Fall.”

Season 2 Episode 12. Kyra Blaine


The one who got away. The one who broke his heart. The one who caused Rick to avoid investing deeply into a relationship. Kyra and Rick spent three years together while in college. She went to Europe and never saw him again until her wedding day. 

Season 2. Episode 14 Amanda Livingstone.

Most eligible #3 on the New York Ledger gets a call from #9 Mr Rick Castle. This did not sit well with Beckett who asks Lanie to set her up. The two didn’t last thru the main course before going off together on the case. From the looks of things, however, Eric and Amanda hooked up

Season 2. Episode 20 Ellie Monroe

We can all say this was the biggest mistake Castle made (Well investigating Beckett’s mom’s murders might be). We did get that great line from Beckett “Lose the “I just got laid” voice, all right?”. To say Beckett is disappointed in him is an understatement although when he finds out he was used Beckett cuts him some slack

Season 2 Episode 22. Madison Queller


Madison and Beckett are old friends that murder bring back together.  Castle screwed up and now Kate is dating Demming and they have one when Maddie asks Kate to a tasting event. When she declined, Rickey is happy to oblige, much to Beckett’s chagrin

Season 2. Episode 24. Gina (redux)

Rick clearly believes he lost Beckett to Demming and because he is basically clueless, he has no idea Beckett was thinking of pursuing a relationship with him.  Castle, finally being lassoed by Gina to finish his book, takes her for the summer as his rebound.  Longest relationship here, lasting 13 episodes.

Season. 3. Episode 11. Natalie Rhodes


The actress playing Nikki Heat goes for Castle even dressing exactly like Kate and mimicking her mannerisms.  She takes Rick home and the next day leads to maybe the funniest Beckett ever! So good I have to include it here

BECKETT::  Great. (Sits down at desk and grabs the coffee CASTLE brought.)

NATALIE: Can I ask you a question?

BECKETT::  Sure. (Takes a long pull from coffee cup.)

NATALIE::  Is Castle gay?

BECKETT::  (Spits out coffee on her desk) I’m sorry, what? No. No.

NATALIE:  Then you two are an item but you’re sworn to secrecy, right?

BECKETT:  No, we are not an item. Why?

NATALIE::  Last night I invited him back to my place and he said something to me I have never heard from a man before.




NATALIE:  I don’t get it?! He’s into you but you’re determined not to give in to these feelings that you clearly have for him. So he fantasizes about you through his writing. It’s literally verbal masturbation.

BECKETT:  He-ee, wha- Okay, so what does this all have to do with me?

NATALIE:  I am not wearing this get-up for my health. You’re Nikki Heat. He’s Jameson Rook. I need to sleep with him in the name of character research. Can you talk to him?

BECKETT:  And say what?

NATALIE:  I don’t know. Give him permission or something.

BECKETT:  Eh-I-(Sigh) I need to go…over there. (Points to her left, grabs coffee and leaves.)

Season 4. Episode 5. Serena Kaye

In was supposed to be a sting operation with Castle taking Serena out for dinner so Espo and Kate could search her hotel suite.  Serena had other things on her mind and with Beckett still in the room, Rick planted one on her to buy more time which kinda pissed off Beckett

Season 4 Episode 15. Sophia Turner


An old flame from yesteryear needs Castle and Beckett.  Sophia is a CIA leader, former lover and his first muse!

Season 4.Episode 16. Sophia Turner


I added the second for three reasons.  One, Sophia really got under Beckett’s skin in regard to Castle.  Two, she mentioned his father.  Three the conversation below:

CASTLE:  That’s impossible. How could they get a court order that fast?

BECKETT:  I don’t know, maybe you should ask your girlfriend.

(She doesn’t look up from the paper she’s reading. LANIE doesn’t miss the jab.)

LANIE: Girlfriend?

CASTLE:  Yes, okay? We slept together. It was a long time ago. What’s the big deal?

BECKETT:  There is no big deal. Sleep with whoever you want. The more the merrier.  (Her tone makes the words harsh. CASTLE deflates, not willing to have this fight again. From behind them ALEXIS clears her throat. She’s heard their biting conversation.)

ALEXIS:  I have those, uh … toxicology reports you wanted?

At her voice CASTLE slumps further.  BECKETT is embarrassed, too.

Season 4. Episode 20. Jacinda

After hearing Beckett say that she remembered everything from when she was shot, Castle is beside himself.  He reverts back to playboy Rick and has a stewardess in tow, possibly to punish and hurt Beckett.  But Rick has changed, although they wine and dine, I doubt they slept together.  I mean if he turned down Natalie in season 3 when she was still with Josh why would he now fool around when he had the inside track with Beckett like he really wanted. If he did, she was the last before Kate 

Season 5. Episode 2. Kristina Cottera


So they are a secret couple all of two seconds when Rick agrees to a date with Kristina the entertainment reporter famous for her pink bikini.  She changes plans and drops by Rick’s and oh boy  watch him run away from her! One butt call later, Beckett breaks down the door to see her straddling him.  Of course by him saying no, they found out the killer.  Two great lines here both from Beckett:

“Castle, I have 12 missed phone calls from Chip the sportscaster because he thinks that I am single. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to let him mount me in his speedo just to prove it.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t. It’s too soon. I just keep seeing her boobs in your face”

Season 8. Episode 9. Svetlana


Well now that Kate is dating the world renowned Dr. Livingstone, Castle thought he should get back into the dating scene as asks out the lovely, sexy, super-hot Russian lingerie super model Svetlana.  Is this the end of Caskett ?