Today’s entry are those great guest stars that appeared in both 24 and Castle who had ties to Washington DC. All except the wonderful PJJ were agents of some sort.  It all started with our favorite actress!



Sherry Palmer / Captain Victoria Gates

Sherry Palmer was the wife of David Palmer until their divorce. She had two children, Keith Palmer and Nicole Palmer. Her brother-in-law was Wayne Palmer and she had a sister-in-law, Sandra Palmer.

During the course of Day 1, Sherry transitioned from supportive to disagreeing to outright defiant of her husband; following this, Sherry was divorced. She was secretly a member of the Los Angeles nuclear attack conspiracy during Day 2 and aided Jack Bauer in taking down the mastermind of the plot.  Gates was formerly with the Department of Internal Affairs, earning the name “Iron Gates” for her uncompromising personality. She cares little for unorthodox tactics and prefers to play by the book under nearly all circumstances.  She was transferred to the 12th Precinct as the new captain, replacing Roy Montgomery after his death in the line of duty. She has a strong dislike for Castle, on policy grounds and also due to their clashing personalities.


Renee Walker / Dr. Kelly Neiman


Renee Walker was an FBI special agent from the Washington Field Office. She was involved in investigating the technology thefts prior to Day 7 and was an integral agent in bringing down the threats that arose on Day 7. Upon meeting Jack Bauer she was horrified at his willingness to do whatever was necessary to follow a lead. However as the day progressed she began to see the necessity behind Jack’s actions and realized that the only way to bring down Alan Wilson, the main conspirator for the events of the day, would be to act as Jack would have done.  Dr. Kelly Nieman, an exclusive Manhattan cosmetic surgeon who draws Castle and Beckett’s interest because of her connection to the victim.  In season 7 her true intentions are unveiled as she assisted in the kidnapping of Beckett and planned to assume her looks and identity.



Peter Hock / Vulcan Simmons

Peter Hock was an official from the Department of Justice. He was the lead investigator on the assassination attempt made on President Wayne Palmer during the events of Day 6, and later, an investigator into the murder of Jonas Hodges during Day 7.  And of course, who could forget Vulcan Simmons who tormented Kate Beckett over several episodes.


Tony Almeida / Agent Stack

Agent Almeida was Jack Bauer’s right hand man until he ran afoul both professionally and romantically.  This character appeared in the third most episodes.  Agent Stack leadvthe investigation of a car bomb delivered by a drone.  He is also responsible for Beckett interviewing with the Attorney General’s office


Bill Buchanan / Deputy Commissioner Malone

Bill Buchanan was the former Director of CTU Los Angeles. Before taking command of CTU LA, he was a Regional Division Director at CTU. He was initially sent to CTU Los Angeles by Division Command to oversee the exchange of Jack Bauer for Behrooz Araz in Day 4.  Deputy Malone turns out to be the mole who informs the Irish mob that leads to a recruits murder


Aaron Pierce / Defense Secretary Reed

Pierce is a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service, tasked with leading the teams guarding, at various times, David Palmer and Charles Logan.  Secretary Reed ordered the bombing that resulted in the killing of agent Valkerie, aka, reporter Brad Palmer’s better half.  


There are another dozen or more but these are the really recognizable ones.  Just think, tomorrow’s Friday!



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