As many of you know I love to do research, finding a nugget of info, especially about my favorite TV show. Then sharing it here on my website and the many social media sites that graciously post my blogs!


After seeing a clip of Stana cuffed to a jail cell, I wondered how many stars appeared in both shows. For the record, I thought Collette Stenger could have broken free there but the writers did not see it the same way ūüėú. ¬†So, even though I have found more than two dozen who appeared in both shows, today I will submit a half dozen, trying to keep the theme ‚Äėfamily‚Äô . ¬†I will eventually bloviat on all!



Collette Stenger was an information broker who has been hired by various terrorist groups around the world.  Stenger was wanted for a number of crimes worldwide, including the theft of data files from the German embassy in East Rand in 2000, computer hacking and transporting illegal documents in Dushanbe in 2001, and for theft in Bishkek in 2002. See a bad-ass!  Of course Kate needs no explanation!


Brian Jacobs was the lawyer sent to defend David Palmer after he had been removed from the office of President. Jacobs was able to convince Mike Novick to let him have limited intelligence access for Palmer, and was able to discover a link between Peter Kingsley and the terrorist group Second Wave, which had brought a nuclear device into the United States.  Still playing a counselor, at Jim is the man who put his trust in Castle  to ensure his daughter’s safety.



Shari was one of Mandy’s neighbors at the Mercerwood during Day 4. ¬†Mandy was the assassin who took two cracks at President Palmer. ¬†Mandy proceeded to use Shari and Ian to draw out any CTU agents that were watching the northeast driveway, the area Michelle Dessler had promised would be cleared for her to escape. Of course Meredith will always be immortalized as the ‚Äúdeep fried twinkie‚ÄĚ



John Keeler was elected as President of the United States after David Palmer dropped out of the election. He was succeeded by his Vice President, Charles Logan, when an assassination attempt left him incapacitated on Day 4. He had one son, Kevin Keeler, who died from the attack on Air Force One.  Mr Smith is the man of mystery, the one holding the damning evidence protection Detective Kate Beckett.



Dr Kent took care of Teri Bauer after she was rescued from the mercenaries at the Gaines compound. She was one of the few people to learn that Teri was raped, and discovered that a cyst had been ruptured. She gave Teri a pregnancy test that later led Teri to discover she was pregnant with a second child fathered by her husband Jack.  Evelyn is the widow of beloved Captain Roy Montgomery.



Thomas Locke was the head of CTU Field Operations during Day 10. ¬†Once a Fed always a Fed, eh? ¬†He was in four times the amount of episodes as he was in Castle. ¬†I put him in the ‚Äėfamily‚Äô group since he could have been Mr. Beckett if he got his head out of his ass. ¬†


Well there you have it and we’ll see you tomorrow for Flashback Friday!


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