Right from the beginning, Castle exasperated Beckett enough to provoke physical threats.  Here are some of my favorites!  

Right from the beginning, not even 30 minutes into the first episode Beckett loses it!




Best not to listen in when Beckett is taking a call.  Even worse is to suggest putting it on speaker phone!



This is what you get when you walk off with your ex-wife and go incommunicado for the summer.  Good luck seeking forgiveness.



Photographing a criminal’s phone log brings on a vast array of emotions from Beckett.  Initially poking a hole in his chest to and I quote “Poke you? I want to kiss you!”



Although he never cried apples, the shock and squeeze allows us to imagine he did!



But through it all we see Caskett go from annoying playboy jackass to the love of each other’s lives!