With no Monday night episode, I spun the Castle WHEEL of EPISODES and landed on Season  2 Episode 13 (yes I have an automated randomizer to choose Castle episodes).  It got me thinking that this was the episode where the relationship became more friendly, more personal. So to honor that concept, these are my favorite beginning Caskett moments from its infancy moments in Season 2

Episode 5.

Castle’s agent presents a hypothetical offer to carry on the famous Brittish spy novel series.  Beckett gets wind of a new book and jumps to conclusions before finding out it was not Nikki Heat.  The verbal swordplay is great as they are talking about two different books.  When she finds out it is Bond, She finds herself less relieved that she wanted to be.

With the case solved, their arragenment is complete.  They stare at each other, both clearly having more to say, neither wanting to be the first to say it.

Heat Wave is a huge success and a lucrative three book offer comes in.  Of course the mayor wants it to happen so that means Montgomery does too and twists Beckett’s arm to keep Castle.

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Castle is scared of Beckett and what she might do, ergo “I am going to kill you!”  Then she accepts her fate, even considering it is what she wants as the dialogue to close the show indicates:

BECKETT:  (She stops. The tiniest smile flashes across her face before she stills it and turns around.). Are you coming or what?
Do you really expect me to believe you had nothing to do with that phone call?

CASTLE:  (As they exit together)  I swear I had nothing to do–

BECKETT:  Swear a little harder, Castle.

Episode 6

Alexis is given that ridiculous high school project to babysit an egg in order to show the student the responsibility of being a parent. Anyway, she and her friend Paige go to a party and recruit Castle to  egg sit Feggin (it what they named it). So Castle HAD to bring it to the precinct mostly to annoy Beckett.


Well as parties go, the punch was spiked and Paige got wasted so Alexis called her dad to help them.  He rushes out forgetting about the egg.


Well, Beckett had him covered and took care of it for Alexis in a very nice gesture.  She shows concern for Rick and his daughter.

BECKETT:  Hey, Castle, Alexis OK?

CASTLE:  She is, she’s a smart kid. (proudly holding up the saucer) You took care of Feggin.

BECKETT:  (vaguely embarrassed)  Yeah, well, he was easy. He didn’t even fuss when I put him to bed.

Episode 13:

The murder of Jackie Coonan leads to a very disturbing discovery, the entry wounds on him were exactly like Kate’s mom.  The investigation leads them to Jackie’s brother, Dick who in exchange for immunity could identify the killer.  Only it would cost 100 grand,  Castle ponies up the money without a blink (must really like her!).  They soon discover the killer was Dick himself who quickly turns the tables on them!


All right ah ah ah ah. Now here’s what’s going to happen. We’re just going to stroll on over to the elevator together, nice and easy.


You make a sound, you attempt to signal, you so much as clear your throat and I’ll put a round in this man’s liver and he will die slowly and in considerable pain.

CASTLE - "Sucker Punch" - While investigating the death of an Irish mobster, Beckett and Castle uncover a local turf war that may be connected to both a late-night infomercial guru and an international drug smuggling operation. But the case turns agonizingly personal when evidence emerges that the killer they're chasing may have had a hand in Beckett's mother's murder, on "Castle," MONDAY, JANUARY 18 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. (ABC/MICHAEL DESMOND) JAY R. FERGUSON, STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLION

CASTLE manages to head butt Coonan and loosen his grip; Beckett shoots Coonan, who goes down and stays down.

Come on, five six seven eight nine ten, stay with me, three four, come on, stay with me, no, come on, stay with me. One two three four five six seven eight…


Kate is totally distraught over losing her best lead to why her mom was killed

The next day..


It wasn’t your fault, you know.


I overstepped. I came down here to say that I was sorry, and that I’m through. I can’t shadow you anymore. If it wasn’t for me…





Here is the twist in the story where Kate starts to think more about Castle from all angles.  But she doesn’t know what to make of it, she still needs to sort everything out but she does start to consider him a friend and wants him around for his companionship and skills solving murders

Episode 14:

So the NY Ledger listed Rick as most eligible bachelor #9.  He makes sure everyone knows too!  Especially Kate!  The newspaper editor sets up Castle with bachelorette #3.  Kate is not pleased and Castle is clueless (he could have done the role of Alicia Silverstone).  Kate has Lanie set her up with a firefighter she knows.  Let the games begin!


Anyway, as it happens they wind up at the same exclusive resturant, Rick because he is somewhat famous, Kate threatens a board of health inspection.  Both dates are a dud because they can’t stop talking about their recent case. They go out for burgers and shakes after case solved.  Very significant that it is the first time the two talk about their personal relationship lives together. Most importantly, it is their first date at Remy’s

CASTLE:  You know Remi’s is open all night, they’ve got those burgers.
BECKETT:  Oh, and those shakes. Oh, why not.

CASTLE holds out his arm and BECKETT takes it as they head for the elevator.
CASTLE:  Mmmm.
BECKETT:  So how did your date go?
CASTLE:  She was kind of boring. Didn’t talk much. Mr July?

BECKETT:  A little self-absorbed.

CASTLE:  Looked it.
BECKETT:  Really?
CASTLE: You can tell. Some people just don’t know how to act on a date

BECKETT:  Especially on a first date.
CASTLE:  Exactly

Episode  17:

Serial killer duels Nikki Heat which brings in the Feds.  Great starring role by Dana Delaney.  And is Beckett jealous about the attention Castle pays her.  In any case the killer challenges Nikki to stop him with the end game being either she or he dies.  At this point Agent Shaw sends Beckett home for rest.  Of course Castle then shows up


No, no, Agent Shaw said we need to decompress. Nothing decompresses like a 2000 Châteauneuf-du-Pape.


So Castle is her bodyguard and will defend her. Beckett smirks and says “What, with your vast arsenal of rapier wit?


You’re still here… and you’re making pancakes?


I was hoping for bacon and eggs, but your eggs are expired and your bacon has something furry on it.


Castle, we don’t have time for the paper. There’s a body out there that I gotta find.


Kate is slightly embarrassed here..Great exchange between her and Ryan.

RYAN:  So you had just gotten up, right?

BECKETT:  Yeah. Castle just finished making breakfast and he went to the door –

RYAN:  What  kind of breakfast?

BECKETT:  Uh, I’m sorry?

RYAN:  What kind of breakfast was he making?

BECKETT: Pancakes.

RYAN:  Well, isn’t that domestic?

BECKETT:  Anyway, the paper usually arrives at 4:00, and we were up at 7:00. So that means the killer had a 3-hour window where he could have left the body there unnoticed.

RYAN:  And exactly what time did you and Mr. Castle go to bed last night?

BECKETT:(slightly agitated) I think we’re done here.


CASTLE:  It wasn’t Ben Conrad. He’s not the killer! The killer’s still alive! The killer’s still alive!
INT – BECKETT’S APARTMENT (Something beeps.)

MALE VOICE IN A CELL PHONE:  Goodbye, Nikki. Goodbye, Nikki.

Episode 18:


BECKETT’s apartment just exploded and CASTLE is on the street watching in disbelief and worry. He runs inside to search for BECKETT


MONTGOMERY:   You need to go home and get some sleep.

BECKETT:  Sir, I don’t have a home.

CASTLE:  Yes, you do. It’s a secured building, with an extra bedroom, with people who care about you, with a federal detail at the door. It’s the safest place in the city.


Mm. I just woke up, and literally smelled the coffee …and the bacon.


Back at BECKETT’s desk, CASTLE pulls out a gift bag and sets it in front of her.

BECKETT:  Wow. What’s this?

CASTLE:  Open it.

BECKETT:  My father’s watch. Thank you.

CASTLE:  You’re welcome. I found it in the wreckage, had it fixed.

Episode 19:

Castle flirts with a secret curse but that doesn’t stop Beckett and the boys to prank him as well.

CASTLE - "Wrapped Up in Death" - The investigation into the shocking death of a museum curator, crushed by a falling gargoyle, takes a bizarre turn when Castle and Beckett learn that he isn't the first member of a recent archeological expedition to die. It turns out there was a legend inscribed over the burial chamber the team unearthed warning that "all who gaze upon the face of the mummy are doomed." Was the curator just the latest victim of "The Mummy's Curse"? And if so, what does that mean for Castle, who snuck a peek at the mummy when no one was looking?, on "Castle," MONDAY, APRIL 5 (10:02-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. (ABC/ADAM LARKEY) NATHAN FILLION

Always the curious one, this time is may have cost him.  Castle opens the top of a sarcophagus and is told his is now doomed to die!


Beckett messes with Castle…his chair collapses…The coffee maker explodes..  They enter into a warehouse and Castle gets bitten in the arse by a dog,..


Kate agrees to look after Alexis if something happened to him.

“If something were to happen to me, I want you to watch out for Alexis. She looks up to you, and if her boyfriends get frisky”

Episode 20:

Castle falls for the deceptive ways of a starlet who wants to play Nikki Heat.  Beckett catches on and is none too pleased


After he finds out she was just with him for the part, Beckett shows him some kindness and compassion from being used


Castle messing around with the starlet does not prevent Beckett from asking  him out for a burger at the end of the case. Castle turns her down and she is incredulious  until finding out his date is with Alexis.  Rick’s indiscretions cost him, however, as Kate finds romance in the arms of another man.

Episode 24:

Castle took Kate for granted and told Demming she was available and the two would up cozy in no time.  Castle fought for her initially but when they shared a very passionate kiss in the break room he realized he was toast.  Even a last minute invite to the Hampton’s fails as Demming had plans for her and Kate that same weekend.  Castle tasted defeat and it was bitter.  He thinks he is taking the high road, respecting Kate’s space and says it is his last case for at least the summer.  Kate seemed set for her weekend rendezvous but…


Kate had a change of heart and decided she rather be with Castle (Espo may have helped)


She looks at Castle after breaking the news to Tom


Case closed, the boys throw a going away party for Castle.  After some playfulness from Beckett, she asks for a word with Castle.  After some hmmmm and hawing, she tries to make her feelings known…


But Gina,  who is Castle’s rebound shows up for the trip to the Hampton’s.  In the most heart wrenching scene of the show, Kate can only choke out