THROWBACK THURSDAY: Castle Crushed. #11-20



S2E12 Kyra comes back into his life making him relive their breakup

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The murder of a bridesmaid brings Castle face to face with an old flame, the one who got away.  It brings back all the memories of what could have been and how hurt he was when she left, wondering why those he loves leave


S2E13. Castle knows he overstepped in trying to catch Beckett’s mom’s killer

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Castle disregarded Beckett’s wishes and pursues her mom’s murder.  When a new case comes in and Lanie identifies the stab wounds as being the same as Johanna’s Beckett is ready to take another run at the killer.  Unfortunately, with Castle being over zealous, Kate is forced to choose between the killer and Castle.  


S6E6. Alexis not accepting his apology for his poor behavior to PI

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Alexis comes home from Central America with a new boyfriend who due to some issues with his passport has to crash at Che’ Castle.  With Rick’s patience shot, Alexis and PI get a place if their own which puts Rick into overprotective mode and behaved badly.  When he tries to apologize, Alexis is not ready to accept it.


S3E6. Failing to realize Jerry Tyson was 3XK allowing him to escape

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In the first of the 3XK dramas, Tyson sets up someone else to take the fall fir the murders.  Unfortunately for Ryan, Castle realizes too late and Tyson escapes from his grasp,ntaking Ryan’s service revolver.  Beckett consoles Castle in their most tender moment to date


3.15 Damien guilty of murdering his father

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A upper classman in high school took Castle under his wing so to some degree Castle credits Damian Westlake for his success.  Castle just cannot accept that Damian could have his father killed and fights Beckett tooth and nail on it before realizing he was wrong.


S7E14-15. Beckett kidnapped by 3XK

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To complete the trilogy, this time Dr Niemann will perform surgery on Beckett so that Neiman can look like her!  Castle, a newlywed finally is frantic when losing his wife.[/expand]


S3E4. When Josh showed up to take Kate home and how close they were

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Season 3 kicks off with Castle somehow getting back in Beckett’s good graces.  In an appropriately titled episode called “Punked” after solving a cool case, a strange voice is heard.  Everyone turns to see the tall dark-haired stranger in a leather jacket and helmut coming to pick up Kate.  While the others muse on what it means, Castle is crestfallen!


S8E8. Castle figures out why she left

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After a nice first anniversary that was spoiled by a Vikram text, Castle needed more, needed to be involved.  Working a murder gave them both joy, Castle wanted to be back with Kate.  Finding why Kate left, Castle grew a pair and went to the precinct to confront her.  Saying his piece, he left to allow her to continue her police work.


S4E23. Castle understands that protecting Kate from Mr.Smith causing him to leave

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They fInally got past Kate failing to acknowledge she heard Castke tell her he loved her when Castle had to come clean over knowing and conspiring to protect Kate. This ruined what they had built all season causing Castle tremendous pain and anguish. 


  • S5I E5. After the best weekend of his life, Castle Is framed for murder and Beckett has to arrest him

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After finally hooking up and now being an item, it came time for Caskett to go to the Hampton’s.  Next case back, they run into their old nemesis Jerry Tyson who stages these murders to frame Castle.  With an overwhelming amount of evidence against him, Beckett searches the loft and had to arrest Castle. 


S7E6. Castle is heartbroken over Kate’s feelings about missing her “perfect” day

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Beckett gets an invite to Will Sorenson’s wedding.  The two dance around the issue at hand telling each other, kiddingly, how bad they are for each other.  On the way to a crime scene, Castle asks Kate if she was going and she tells Rick she is not ready for someone else’s perfect day, crushing Castle who left her at the altar.


S7E10. Castle no longer welcome at precinct due to MOB ties

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While investigating a doctor’s murder, Castle enlists the help of a crime family boss going so far as to take the blood oath.  When the DA gets wind of it, Gates must le castle go, even though it is Christmas and he and Kate are very excited for their first as a married couple.


S1E9. Castle walks in on Sorenson kissing Beckett.

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While investigating the kidnapping of a little girl, the FBI’s lead requests assistance from the 12th precinct in the form of Kate Beckett.  The twist, Kate’s former is the FBI point man.  Castle, who thinks he has made inroads into the tough detective is deflated when seeing their passionate kiss