By now, my friends, you have an idea of how my mind works.  Most times it is a cornacopia of confusion but occasionally it’s a gathering place of genius.  I’ll let you guys decide which category this blog falls into 😄😀😊




Anyway, this stream of unconsciousness stemmed from hearing the theme song from the Sopranos.  Yup just stuck “got yourself a gun” stuck in your head too!  And therefore, I present to you, Castle’s first gun battle!



The story goes that fake passports were sewn into knock off products featured in the kiosks on Canal street.  One thing lead to to another which puts our stars in danger, help not close and Kate almost out of ammunition.  



So what happened you ask?

BAYLOR:  I will kill you both.

CASTLE shows BECKETT a picture he just took over the edge of the counter, showing BAYLOR’s position.

CASTLE: OK, when we shoot he shoots. He’ll be exposed. I’ll set the pick – you take him down.

BECKETT:  Set the pick with what?

CASTLE:  (holds up a bottle of champagne from the cupboard).  This.

BECKETT:  You’re gonna get yourself shot.

CASTLE: Not if you make your shot count.

BECKETT: Castle!.

CASTLE:  Just be ready.

BAYLOR:  This is your last warning.


CASTLE pops the cork on the champagne and it sounds like a shot, distracting BAYLOR, who is then shot by BECKETT and goes down. While she cuffs BAYLOR, CASTLE saunters over with the champagne bottle.


CASTLE:  I’d say this deserves a toast.


And, Castle the hero deserves his reward.,

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  1. Peg says:

    Absolutely love this one. Especially the kitten part.

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