Just for fun, I thought we would visit our first on screen murder victim.  



Our first glimpse of Kate gives us a view of a young, serious, meticulous detective who goes the distance to find justice for her victims.  



The writers got her characters just right.  I just love the monologue she verbalizes as she mentally steps through her checklist.  





JAVIER ESPOSITO:  Alison Tisdale. 24. Grad student at NYU, part of the social work program.

BECKETT:  Nice place for a social worker.

ESPOSITO:  Daddy’s money. Neighbours called to complain about the music – when she didn’t answer they had the super check on…

BECKETT:  No signs of struggle. He knew her.

LANIE PARISH:  He even bought her flowers. Who says romance is dead?

BECKETT:  I do, every Saturday night.

LANIE: vWell, lipstick wouldn’t hurt. (off Beckett’s look) I’m just sayin’…

BECKETT:  So what did he give her besides roses?

LANIE: vTwo shots to the chest. Small calibre.

BECKETT:  Does this look familiar to anyone?

ESPOSITO:  No, but I’m not the one with a thing for freaky ones. Just give me a Jack shot Jill over Bill so I can get my collar and go home.

BECKETT:  Oh, but the freaky ones require more. They reveal more. Look at how he left her: covered modestly.


BECKETT:  So, despite all of the effort, all of the preparation, you won’t find any evidence of sexual abuse.

ESPOSITO:  You really get that from just this?

BECKETT:  This. Plus, I’ve seen this before.

ESPOSITO:  You’ve seen it before. Where?

BECKETT:  Roses on her body? Sunflowers on her eyes? Don’t you guys read?!



And we also get an inkling that Kate just might be a fan of the ‘MASTER OF THE MACABRE ‘.  Best if all we get to ‘meet’ Lanie, Espo and Ryan!


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