I did enjoy this episode immensely upon rewatching it.  A very interesting case with many twists, Beckett’s first visit to Casa de Caste, a truly well defined backstory to substantiate the profile Castle painted in the debut show and what I really believe is out authentically first Caskett moment between our co-stars.




CASTLE:  All right. So, you and I are married.

BECKETT:  We are not married.



CASTLE:  Relax. It’s just pretend.

BECKETT:  I don’t want to pretend.



CASTLE:  Scared you’ll like it?



BECKETT:  Okay. If we’re married, I want a divorce.



ROGER:  Are you two like this all the time?




Great dialogue and absolute genuine mind meld to reinact the crime scene.  From there the rest of the dominoes fall. 


Anyway, great episode and a very excellent to kick the Castle-Beckett interactions to the next level.




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