THURSDAY TOP TEN: Best Mobsters 

After the trivia on Tuesday, I got to thinking who the best monster was. Drug kingpins are not considered in this list. Interesting that it is the United Nations of gangsters here, Irish, Russian, Chinese and Italian are all represented. So here is how I see it, love to hear your opinion?


“LUCKY” JACK FLANAGAN -FIDELIS AD MORTEM- Head of the Bronx Irish Mob. His best line was: Twenty years… Twenty years you guys have been coming in here… with all these accusations against ol’ Lucky Jack. Your problem is that none of you ever followed up with the proof. So, unless you’re here to buy a pair of crotchless panties for that special someone in your life, I suggest you grab your hat and your books, and you get the hell out of my store. 

BRIAN REILLY – HEADHUNTERS Brian Reilly is, some time after Jack Coonan, the apparent chief enforcer for the Westies.A hard man, he shows no sign of emotion when Detective Slaughter breaks the news without preamble of his son’s death. 


JIMMY MORAN – A DEATH IN THE FAMILY – Moran, a man with the unfortunate pseudonym of “the Rat”, was a key Spolano crime family member and enforcer who, having turned State’s witness, found himself the target of a Mafia hit.


MICKEY DOLAN – AFTER HOURS …Father Joel was a childhood friend of Mickey Dolan, an Irish mobster and enforcer for the O’Reilly crime family. Father Joel was always trying to save Dolan from his life of crime, but they had a heated argument several days before his death, and the nun is convinced that Dolan is responsible for Father Joel’s death.


CLIFFORD LEE – KICK THE BALLISTICS Head of the Chinese mafia responsible for the murder of Jane Hertzfeld with Kevin Ryan gun acquired from Jerry Tyson.


TONY VALTINI -HEROES AND VILLIANS…Tony “The Butcher” Valtini is exactly what would be expected of a man with that sobriquet a big noise in the Mafia. He’s also the victim of a fairly embarrassing crime, as some vigilante went Zorro on the softer segments of his anatomy, carving a L into his buttock with a sword.


DINO SCARPELLO – BAD SANTA … Dino is The had of a crime family that Rick is familiar with thanks to a contact that he made while researching one of the Derek Storm novels.


JACKIE COONAN – SUCKER PUNCH … Jack Coonan, also referred to as Jackie Coonan, was a murder victim and a top enforcer for the Westies in the episode “Sucker Punch“. He was stabbed multiple times by his brother, Dick Coonan, because Dick was bringing heroin into the Westies’ territory, and Finn Rourke told Jackie to ‘send a message’ to those responsible.


SAL TENOR – A DEATH IN THE FAMILY … Sal was an associate of a mafia crime family, who Castle met while researching Derrick Storm in the early days of his writing career. When investigating the murder of Doctor Joshua Leedsfor his role in a witness protection program, Castle decided to talk with Tenor, reasoning that the mob would already know who Leeds had performed plastic surgery on, and the search could provide them with vital information.


RUSSIAN MOBSTERS – DEEP IN DEATH … Castle sees a bunch of tattooed Russians at the no limit table, and goes over there to play. Explaining that he’s a writer looking to do research, the others mutter a joke in Russian and let him in. Beckett, in the van, is fluent in Russian, and realizes that they’re about to take him for everything he has. Castle narrates the story of his new book about a Russian mobster and poker player. He gambles his victims deep into debt, and then uses his side business as a loan shark to bankrupt them completely. He’s trying to smoke out the killer into revealing something, and to distract the other players. Beckett, watching through the camera on Castle’s wire, notices that one of the players has a prosthetic finger.

Which lead to this…Realizing that Castle’s life is in danger, Beckett changes clothes and heads in to save him. Without her pants, her conservative suit coat makes for a very revealing dress. Too much makeup, some changes to her hair, and a Russian accent transforms her into a Russian party girl.  Which it is ranked this high 😝😝😝



Finn Rourke is a leader of the Irish mafia-style gang, the Westies, in New York City. Rourke, a hard and frequently brutal man, he is seen in “Sucker Punch” to also be sentimental and has a powerful, charismatic presence.


VINNY CARDANNO – MURDER HE WROTE & DRIVEN … Vince is a retired mobster and Hamptons neighbor. He absolutely loves Beckett’s meat sauce and helps in the investigation of Castle’s disappearance.