Honorable mention: Nail Gun

Nail gun in season 3 episode 14 where Castle’s prep school mentor Damian Westlake’s wife is killed by an essential carpentry tool.

Number 10: Toxic Cocktail

Cranberry juice / balsamic vinegar poison:  Bobby Mann gets rid of his sidekick for a younger version only to be cancelled himself!

Number 9: Frozen Nitrogen

Frozen nitrogen:  Cocky, creative, hotshot reality show chef gets a high profile gig at a hot new restaurant only to be frozen out when pursuing the love of his life

Number 8: Antique Bullets

Antique bullets:  in an alternative univers of Steampunk, a fatal duel fells a stock broker who ruined a family’s finances.

Number 7: Motor Oil

Drowned in motor oil:  A fugitive from a ship bombing is discovered and sunk

Number 6:  Trophy Stabbing

Small glass obelisk: A naive model from the Midwest is slow to understand the quid pro quo of the New York modeling scene and suffers the ultimate wardrobe malfunction.

Number 5: Stake to the Heart

Stake to the heart:  Castle and Beckett go to a graveyard after the body of a young man sporting vampire fangs is discovered with a wooden stake through his heart.

Number 4:  Let Me AXE You something

Axe to the back: When the head writer on a popular soap opera is killed with a fire axe, Castle is able to use his skills as an author to make a discovery about the killer.

Number 3: Dissolving Bullets

Dissolving bullets:  Assassins follow Mike Royce to NYC in order to eliminate a witness to the theft of specialized ammunition 

Number 2:  Split In Two

Samurai sword:  A dirtbag is cut in two with a very sharp Samarai sword.  Is it the work of Lone Vengence? Or perhaps a criminal seeking revenge against our masked hero?


Number 1: The Killer Is A Zombie

Zombie attack after injecting ketamine: Zmbie apocalypse, need I say more?  Man this made Castle’ time at the 12th so worth it! Say it with me: BEST CASE EVER!