This week we have a nice twist for our loyal readers! Contributing scribe Gary S. Presents a unique TOP TEN where he examines each episode of season 1 by tracing the Beckett Castle Relationship including things they said together simultaenously and finished each others thoughts and/or sentences.

Flowers for Your Grave
(A great start to their relationship

The series opens when a woman is murdered and the crime scene looks like it was out of a Richard Castle novel. Detective Beckett is a fan and recognizes the murder scene. She finds Castle at a book reading and asks him to come to the precinct and answer some questions to aid in her investigation. During the interview Beckett starts talking about the killer and at one point B&C say together “The killer attempts to contact the subject of his obsession.” Castle is intrigued by Beckett and through his friendship with the Mayor gets himself permission to shadow Beckett as “research for his novels”. Beckett is upset by this but is ordered to do it so the inevitable partnership begins. They solve the murders and Beckett thinks she is through with Castle but NYPD public relations thinks their working together is a good thing and the “partnership” continues.


The episode opens with a young woman’s body found inside a clothes dryer in a building’s laundry room. Beckett gets called to the crime scene while Castle is filling out disclaimer paperwork for the NYPD. Montgomery sends Castle after her. Castle is now carefully watching Beckett work the case. Back at the precinct Castle suggests they check the story of everyone in the building where she was found, not just a few possible suspects. To explain why Castle tells “Neighbor” story. It’s the first time Beckett realizes Castle can actually help. Castle learns you can lie to a suspect during an interview. This is when they first start to finish each others sentences. It is when Beckett says “Because the elevator had a time stamp”. Beckett sort of accepts Castle at this point. They eventually determine that the woman’s friend accidentally killed her when she hit her with a Clorox bottle and she fell and hit her head. The friend didn’t know what to do and stuffed her in the dryer. It was because of them both wanted the same man.


The episode opens with a teenage boy found dead in a boat in Central Park. The boy, Donny, went to an expensive private school. C&B go to the school to talk to the boys friends. To get the kids to relate to her and talk Beckett lies about going to York, a different private school . After a lot of investigating Castle figures out it was one of Donny’s friends that shot him playing a game similar to Russian Roulette . When they first started playing this game the friends were filming themselves. But they had been doing this for a while so C&B discuss why were they still filming the night Donny was killed. I had to be the killer wanted a record of the “accidental” shooting. B&C also discuss how moving the body was the act of a cold blooded killer, not that of an upset friend. This leads them to Brandon, the real killer. Castle tells a story that tricks Brandon into confessing. This makes Beckett further realize that Castle can be an asset but he can still annoys her at the same time.


This episode begins with a politician’s body (Jeff Horn) wrapped in a rug found in a dumpster on city street. Ryan and Esposito are first on the scene. B&C both answer simultaenously “This wasn’t a robbery” when Ryan while bringing them “up to speed” says “They figure it was a robbery gone wrong”. B&C both answer “yes” to Ryan’s question “Are you like this all the time”. This is the start of when they often complete each other’s thoughts and give the same spontaneous simultaenous answers to questions. Lanie calls it “The thing that you do.” With help from his decorator Castle figures out the hotel where the rug came from but it leads nowhere. Beckett appears jealous he figured it out before she did. Also point out that this episode shows the detectives as part of the 9th Precinct, not the 12th, as later episodes do. Beckett is worried and asks Castle what Nikki Heat will be like. Castle arranges a date with a prostitute so he and Beckett can ask her questions about Horn. Horn’s opponent (Jason) in the race had a PI follow Horn and as a result had photos of Horn cheating on his wife with Tiffany, the woman for hire. The PI used the photos to blackmail Horn. Horn’s wife, Laurie, decides to run for his seat. B&C show the photos to Frank Nesbit, the campaign manager. Jeff Horn had asked his rich wife, Laura, for the money to pay the blackmailer after she found out about the affair and the blackmailer. Laura was extremely upset because of his cheating and her embarrassment. She called Nesbit and he killed Jeff Horn. Alexis calls and tells Castle he is late to his book reading. Beckett gets all dressed up and shows up to distract Castle from the end of the reading. They talk and Beckett gets a few digs in about bothering Castle at his work! Resiprosity! That’s where she finds out her “fictional representation” is named Nikki Heat! She is very upset and tells Castle to change her name. Obviously he didn’t.


The episode begins as Beckett is still trying to dump Castle as a partner so she goes to a crime site without calling him. He is there. They find a woman (Melanie Cavanaugh) frozen at a construction site. Castle suggests they get see what the killer’s problems are by going to the site and seeing what issues he had to face. While there, with the new tennant, B&C discuss the case answering each other’s sentences. They both answer simulaenously “Yes” to the question “Are you two like this all the time?” They determine a truck had to be used to move the freezer containing the wife’s body. They track down the trucker who leads them to the apartment super. He had a friend in the construction business so he dumped the body there. The trail eventually leads to the murdered woman’s father who killed they suspected the husband. The case goes to trial and we do not hear the outcome. At the end of the case Beckett tells Castle it was her mother that was murdered. She begins to share personal things with Castle and the relationship takes on a personal as well as professional note. Against her wishes Castle starts to look into Beckett’s mothers murder.


The story revolves around a forged passport in the lining of a knock-off designer purse and the killer who needs it. With the help of Meredith (who while at the police station, calls Castle Kitten), the trail leads them to the knock off purse stand on Canal street, next through the passport forger and gets them on the trail of the killer. Castle receives his special ordered bulletproof vist with “WRITER” on it and wears it for the first time. C&B trace the next possible victim through a coffee cup. Beckett calls Castle Kitten. Castle’s first gun battle ensues. His weapon is a champagne bottle cork. The man who wants the passport from the purse finds the woman who bought it while B&C are with her at her home and the battle starts. Castle distracts him popping the cork off the bottle so Beckett can shoot him. Beckett admits Castle saved her life and as payment he tells Beckett to never ever call him Kitten. Beckett smiles at this and it is evident she is starting to enjoy having Castle with her.


Beckett calls Castle to say there is a murder. They find a woman shot and stuffed in a safe. The fourth murder in a rich neighborhood. Due to the feathers in the room Ryan sneezes and C&B both say “Bless You” then Castle says “Jinx” and Castle says Beckett can’t speak until he releases her. Ryan sneezes again and Beckett says “Reverse double jinx” saying Castle can’t speak now until she releases him. BUT should Beckett even been allowed to say “Bless You?” There is now real crime solving discussing between Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito. Castle is now treated as part of the team. This episode also contains the “We could just cuddle” Beckett utterance when they were at the gun range in the 12th. Castle’s connection with a classy thief gives him insight into the gang pulling the robberies. A thief they are holding gives Castle information to help them track down the thieves. They go to a non-profit fundraiser at the Waldorf, for the Metropolitan American Dance Theater, to find who is the leak to the thieves. Beckett learns the women after a husband call Castle “The White Whale!” Castle finds out he is being auctioned off for a date! They spot the director’s boyfriend, Paul Reynolds (AKA Chad Nellis), taking photos of the crowd and their jewelry. Nellis is getting the information for the thieves. This time Castle stays in the car until the thief falls on it. They fight and Beckett gets there in time to stop the thief. Beckett ends up at Castle’s loft to return Martha’s necklace. At this time you have to think Beckett is starting to like Castle.


This episode opens as Castle, Beckett, Montgomery, Espo and Ryan are playing poker. Martha sits in giving away castle’s tells. Beckett taunts Castle into seeing her bet. Martha says he’s bluffing. Beckett goes all in. Castle has the winning hand but he folds so Beckett can win. Martha looks at Castle’s hand and secretly tells Beckett what he did. They all comment at Castle’s expense really displaying they have accepted him as a team member. A murder interrupts the game. They find a woman in a bathtub filled with motor oil. They find out that the victim, Allison Goldman, is not who she claimed to be and was using a dead womans identity. At the precinct the next day Beckett gives Castle back his money and demands a rematch. They find a clue that leads them to Lee Wax, a ghost writer for Allison who turns out to be a wanted criminal, Cynthia Dern. She was part of a crew that exploded a bomb killing and injuring several people. They also find out someone was secretly paying the victim of the bombing. At a poker game with C&B, Montgomery, the judge and the mayor they conclude that Cynthia was trying to disarm the bomb attempting to save an innocent man’s life.They found Cynthia’s killer but her story proved it was Cynthia that was trying to kill her. Castle calls Lee Wax “on the carpet” saying she told everyone she had found Cynthia hoping someone would call the police and get Cynthia arrested so she could tear up her contract with Cynthia and get a bigger one. Beckett and Castle end the episode in a showdown poker game. They are clearly friends now.


A small girl is missing. She was taken from her house while her father was painting in the other room. Beckett goes to the scene without calling Castle. Montgomery called him and said go to the scene immediately. Beckett is upset over the “Nikki Heat” cover art of the book. Castle realizes she subscribes to his website. Beckett is horrified and turns away. Castle is told missing children are the purvue of the FBI. case Beckett is asked to assist by her old boyfriend, Will Sorensen. This immediately makes Castle jealous. Sorensen is jealous too and won’t let Castle in the interview room with a suspect. They disagree on everything and Beckett calls them out saying “Oh for God’s sake why don’t you both drop your pants and get it over with?” Beckett sends Castle home. Sorensen kisses Beckett and Castle sees them. Sorensen and Castle continue to disagree. Sorensen predicts he will get Beckett back. The kidnapppers want $750,000 and Castle is going to make the money drop and Beckett is concerned for his safety. Castle figures out that a relative took Angela. They arrest Nina Mendoza, the mother’s sister. Angela’s mother planned the whole kidnapping and was arrested. The episode ends when Castle asks Beckett to go out for a drink. She refuses saying she has a date.


The episode opens with a car being towed from a parking spot on the street. There is a dead body inside. Castle is at home talking to a forensic pathologist ( Martha calls Dr. Death) he knows and asks him to look into the evidence of Beckett’s mother’s stabbing. Beckett, Castle, Esposito and Ryan are at the towing site to examine the dead body that is inside the car that was towed. The victim is Joshua Leeds, a plastic surgeon. When heading to check out the surgeon’s office Castle asks Beckett if she ever thought of again looking into her Mother’s case. Beckett shuts him down and says if he does that, they are done. Ryespo finds out that Leeds did a secret operation that his staff knew nothing about. It turns out he operated on someone headed to witness protection. The US Attorney refuses to help so Castle asks a mob boss he knows. He finds out that Jimmy “The Rat” Moran is the guy the mob is looking for. He turned states evidence since he was squeezed out of the mob. Beckett asks Sorensen if he can help them get to talk to Moran. Moran tells them the way the victim was killed was his m/o and he demands the feds immediately take him back to the safe house. On the way back Sorensen and the witness were shot. They think someone at the doctor’s office tipped off the mob where the meet was.m Maggie Dowd was the informant and a mob hit woman. They arrested her trying to kill Moran. At the precinct Beckett tells Montgomery that thinks that she would not have been able to solve the murder without Castle’s help. At Castle’s loft Dr. Death visits tells Castle that Beckett’s Mother was murdered. The first stab was upward and twisted killing her. He checked and there were three other murders committed the same way and he thinks they are all connected. Castle knows he has to tell Beckett but he is afraid doing so will end their partnership. He goes to the hospital where Beckett is visiting Sorensen. He tells her and the season ends.