Today I will show a picture of our lovely Kate in a dress, you must name the episode she wore it in!

Say yes to the dress

This black number was featured in?
Kate in a wedding dress, don’t let Rick see, name the episode.
Red is definitely Kate’s color, made sense to wear it in this episode.
She might not be, but we are thrilled to see her in this number seen in which episode?
This Hervé Léger dress debuted in what installment?
Rocking the dress old school, when did Kate wear this?
Yes Beckett cleans up nicely, what show is this for?
Which episode was Kate “GOLDEN”?
What episode did this little number get our attention?
Kate looks rather spectacular in this number, when did she show it off?
Pretty in Pink, when did this adorn her shapely figure?
Here Kate rocks a grey dress, tell me which episode?
Kate does casual dresses in what episode?
Dress to impress, when did this take place?
Say yes to the dress
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