This week let’s see if you can identify the leading sleuths from America’s three letter agencies. Click away to show your stuff!


What was the reason Will Sorenson gave for coming back to NYC?
What spoiler did Agent Gray reveal about HEAT WAVE.
Where does Kate Beckett first meet Jordan Shaw?
In which borough does Scott Dunn hold a kidnapped Jordan Shaw?
In Close Encounters, who are the agents who interrogated Beckett and Castle after her car broke down?
Agent Mark Fallon’s wife died on 9-11, where did she perish?
In Cuffed, what did agent Chuck Martinez suspect trucker Hank Spooner of trafficking?
Sophia Turner was a traitor from what Country?
What book did Jackson Hunt give to his young son Rick?
Since apparently Sorenson was not available, who was the agent leading the search for Alexis?
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