Espo might like Jack shot Jill over, but Kate likes the freaky ones.  Because, as she says “Oh, but the freaky ones require more. They reveal more.”  How much will you reveal of your knowledge as you take this Quiz on the bizarre murders in season one?

Beckett likes the freaky ones

In the beginning, Beckett gets called in on a freaky one. Which one of these Castle books was NOT one of the crime scenes?
In Nanny McDead, what did Ryan nickname the victim?
In HEDGE FUND HOMEBOYS, what theory did Castle weave when they saw the victim in a boat at the crime scene?
In HELL HATH NO FURY, who did Castle email photos of the crime scene to?
IN A CHILL GOES THROUGH HER VEINS, what was the name of the sheriff investigating Melanie Cavanaugh’s original disappearance?
In ALWAYS BUY RETAIL, what religion did the killer practice?
In HOME IS WHERE THE HEART STOPS, what was used as a “poor man’s silencer”?
In GHOSTS, what viscosity was the motor oil used to drown the victim?
In LITTLE GIRL LOST, what was Sorenson’s reason for leaving Boston?
In A DEATH IN THE FAMILY, who is the mobster who said “Richard frickin' Castle - Master of the macabre. Ha. What brings you down off your cloud of money?”
Beckett likes the freaky ones
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