Since today is the 24th day of May, i thought it would be fun to do a crossover between Castle and the show ”24”. Stana Katic famously guest starred on the spy thriller so how about in honor of 24 we quiz you on others who appeared on both shows. Click away and enjoy!

Castle on 24

He played Tony Almeida on “24”, but who was he on CASTLE?
Bill Buchanan was the former Director of CTU Los Angeles, He resurfaced on CASTLE as Deputy Commissioner Malone. Name this actor !
This 24 alum appeared in the Ryan inspired episode AT CLOSE RANGE as the wife of congressman Alex Lopez. What was her first name?
This man in uniform was an accomplice to the actions that resulted in Castle being poisoned in season 6. This former Secret Service Agent in “24” served what role in CASTLE.
This brother of President Palmer in “24” got himself in hot water while recycling batteries. What episode of Castle did D.B. Woodside appear in?
Always the fiery character actor, this former First Lady replaced Roy Montgomery on Castle. What is Captain Gates first name?
She was on the good guys side as special FBI agent Renee Walker on “24” but went to the dark side as Dr. Kelly Nieman. Name this excellent actress.
As a computer tech supporting Jack Bauer, Carlo Rota became a foreign dignitary for what sovereign nation in CASTLE.
Wife of Jack Bauer in “24” she really turned into a BAH HUMBUG in SECRET SANTA. What was Leslie Hope’s name in that episode?
The “man in the shadows” on CASTLE, had ascended to the Presidency on 24. So who played President Keeler and Mr. Smith?
Castle on 24
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And because I cannot help myself, here are two more TRIVIA’s relating to the number 24!