Today, we invoked the six sided randomizer to select which Castle episode the trivia question would come from. So how good is your memory for the minutiae? Click and find out!


In DEMONS, what was the name of Jack Sinclair’s producer who called 911?
In THE THIRD MAN, who wrote the article on The Most Eligible Bachelor?
In KILL SHOT, what was the name of the coffee shop all three vic’s frequented?
In THE LATE SHAFT, Beckett is quoted as saying “ Wow. The camera really does add 10 pounds.” To what?
IN SUCKER PUNCH, Who was the bartender at Finn Rourke’s bar, the one with the pickled eggs?
In ONCE UPON A CRIME, Martha used dramatic license to describe Richard’s birth, which of these places were NOT mentioned?
In AFTER HOURS, what establishment did the bartender who knew about the murder work at?
In LUCKY STIFF, the butler stole two first edition books of what author?
In DEATH IN THE FAMILY, which Richard Castle novel did Sal Tenor advise on?
In MURDER IS FOREVER, which early Castle novel paid for Linus the Lion?
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