Testing your recall of all those December episodes. Since they were the last before winter break, they turned to be some of the best. Click away to see how much you remember of these great shows!


In the FIFTH BULLET, Castle says he should get a dog and name it Sherlock. What breed did he say it would be?
Still in THE FIFTH BULLET, which nation was Bahir Harun from?
In the Old Haunt, Castle’s picture is two over from what famous writer?
LAST CALL TIME. who was Resting in an old silver shaker behind the bar at the OLD HAUNT?
Fill in the blank.In CUFFED when Beckett and Castle found themselves cuffed. Beckett said “it’s not funny” Castle retorted I didn’t say funny, I said ___”. ?
Still CUFFED, Castle tried to open a combination lock using his knowledge he gained researching which of his books?
STILL SECRET SANRA, what New Jersey town was the helicopter flown from?
Who was Alexis’s boyfriend in SECRET SANTA?
In BAD SANTA we find out there is a CASTLE family poem that everyone contributes 6 lines. When did Martha say she began working on her part?
In BAD SANTA, Caste takes the oath of Omertà. What does the ceremony entail?
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