In honor of National CAL YOUR DOCTOR DAY, we will test your memory about some of the MD’s that graced the CASTLE screen. Just turn your head a cough, no, I mean click away to have some fun!


We are introduced to Dr. Joshua Davidson in the episode named PUNKED. The next episode Castle gives him a clever nickname, name it!
Alternate Medical Examiner Sidney Purlmutter appeared in how many episodes of Castle?
What was the last episode that Dr. Carter Burke treated detective Beckett?
Where did Jerry Tyson meet Dr. Kelly Nieman?
Name the Doctor who switched babies at birth to hide his own son’s birth defect?
Doctor Holloway appeared in three episodes of CASTLE, which of these was he NOT in?
In Anatomy of a Murder, Ryan posted the pictures of 9 doctors on the murder board. What did he call this grouping?
In Dreamworld Castle ingested a deadly toxin. Name the doctor who treated him?
Dr Ari Weiss from HEAD CASE owned and operated what Cryogenic Company?
In Bad Santa, Lanie’s parents visit. What is her dad’s, Dr Parish, first name
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