Here we go, our second to last TRIVIA contest for 2020. Today we dust off that high tech FSCIAL RECOGNITION DATABASE. So how many of these to you remember? Flick away to find out!

Facial Recognition Database - SEASON 1

So who is this character who Castle is anxious to arrest in HELL HATH NO FURY.
FLOWERS FOR YOU GRAVE, name the wealthy man pictured above.
Tell us who this suspect is in NANNY McDEAD
So who is this preppy douche from HEDGEFUND HOMEBOYS.
He tore up purses for fake passports in ALWAYS BUY RETAIL. Name him
He made the bump key used in the crimes in HOME IS WHERE THE HEART STOPS?
Who perpetrated the coverup in A CHILL GOES THRU HER VEINS?
Name the ghost revealed in GHOSTS
Enter an ex-boyfriend in LITTLE GIRL LOST. Which one is he?
So tell me what else she could have done and while you’re at it, who is she?
Facial Recognition Database - SEASON 1
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