Let’s dive right into February with the ultimate test of cranial conundrums. Click to profess your expertise on the first episodes of the shortest month of the year!


In SUICIDE SQUEEZE, Beckett revealed Castle was “Famously Fatherless”. What ABBA title did Esposito liken Martha to?
In SUICIDE SQUEEZE, what amusement park did Martha’s folks have a mind reading act?
In LUCKY STIFF, Castle was wowed by the victim’s toys. Which of these did he NOT mention?
In LUCKY STIFF, what kind of car did Mr. Hixon allegedly give away?
In The BLUE BUTTERFLY, At the police warehouse Ryan called Castle this famous 1940’s movie star.
In Jerry and Viola’s apartment, what Louis Armstrong song was playing?
In RECOIL, how did Lanie identify the burned to a crisp vic?
Still RECOILing, What is Bracken’s wife’s first name (hint: same name as a person whom Castle is familiar with in season 2)
In DRESSED TO KILL, what venue did they say was perfect in the opening scene?
DRESSED TO KILL, Matilda’s alibi was she was having drinks with what famous designer?
In I,WITNESS, Jenny and Ryan plan a getaway for Espo and a setup date. Where were there going?
Still in I, Witness, Eva Whitfield was a classmate of Castle at what prep school?
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