This time we are offering a supersized quiz, a total of 15! All questions are from only three episodes so if you dare re-watch CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, MURDER HE WROTE and THE FAST AND FURRIEST! So click when you are ready and show off your intelligence!

15 ABOUT THE 15th

In the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE MURDEROUS KIND, What weekend endeavor was Alexis and Castle taking Ashley on that weekend?
The Vic in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, Marie Subbarao was born in what US city?
In the box of goodies returned to Marie’s boyfriend was a music CD from what band?
When seeing the foreign object up Marie’s nose, Beckett said it reminded her of when she got what stuck up her nose?
When Castle said “ My partner is crazy and may start firing at any moment.” Where did he acquire his Chinese language skills?
MURDER HE WROTE, when arriving Beckett asks if Castle is rich or something. He replied he is not as rich what famous author?
What was the drug being dealt by the deceased in MURDER HE WROTE?
MURDER HE WROTE, RYESPO were hunting down Beckett’s boyfriend and asked LANIE about Josh. Where did LANIE say Josh was for the past year?
MURDER HE WROTE, what mobster is Castle’s neighbor?
In MURDER HE WROTE, who was Chief Brady’s deputy that was the killer?
In THE FAST AND THE FURRIEST, Castle was looking for his leftovers for his morning scramble. Which restaurant were they from?
Piggybacking the previous question, what were the leftovers?
Which mythical character does Castle say Is the suspect in THE FAST AND THE FURRIEST?
IN THE FAST AND FURRIEST, how was Beckett going to get Castle out of the hole in the ground after she got out?
Last question, THE FAST AND THE FURRIEST, Alexis invested in her friend Jonah. What was his project he was trying to do?
15 ABOUT THE 15th
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