Delayed a day but have no fear, TRIVIA IS HERE! Today we tackle to hidden gems that were aired on the 13th day of the month. Are you brave enough to fight the fear and click into the test?

Friday the 13th

In ALWAYS BUY RETAIL, Castle calls Meredith a special type of hell and equated it to what snack food?
Same episode, according to Martha, what milliliim sitcom did Meredith have a recurring guest starring role?
In PANDORA, the first vic was killed how?
Pandora again, Tracy McGrath liked classic muscle cars. What did she own?
In WATERSHED, Beckett left Castle alone for a few days so he could finish which of his books?
Still In WATERSHED, Espo mentions that Beckett seems to be acting weird. What did Ryan say might be the cause?
In DEEP COVER, what amusement park ride was Ted Rollins murdered under at Coney Island?
DEEP COVER, what was the NASA code name of the rogue CIA operative Jackson Hunt was sent to neutralize?
CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER, Assault victim Tom Talmadge, was the founder and owner of what ride share app?
Same episode, Due to finances, Ryan got a second job as a bouncer at what nightclub?
Friday the 13th
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