This time we are focusing on law enforcement. Inspect the evidence and search for clues as you hash out today’s challenge! It’s just a click away!

Law and Order

What part of New York City do the Westies reside? (SUCKER PUNCH)
Beckett and Castle had to make a road trip in A CHILL GOES THROUGH HER VEINS. Where did they go?
In NIKKI HEAT, who did Natalie Rhodes thank when taking the police report?
In DEN OF THIEVES, who did we discover as being Esposito’s old partner?
In A DEADLY GAME, what was the code phrase that the pretend spy was to use?
In KNOCKDOWN, Castle says “All the best cops, Dirty Harry, Cobra, guy from Police Academy who makes the helicopter noises. They all have one thing in common.”. What was it?
In TO LOVE AND DIE IN LA , who was the Los Angeles detective who kept interfering with Kate’s investigation of Royce’s death?
In KICK THE BALLISTICS, who was the undercover cop they ‘arrested outside of Sandy’s Bar?
HEADHUNTERS introduced us to Ethan Slaughter. What did Castle say or do to get a ride along?
Who was Chief Brady‘s deputy in MURDER HE WROTE.
Law and Order
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