Today we explore the relationships of Detective Kate Beckett as the occurred during the seasons of CASTLE! How well do you remember the boyfriends of Beckett’s past?

Men of Beckett

In LITTLE GIRL LOST, how long has Will Sorenson been back in New York?
Staying with Sorenson, what did she mention that was awesome when they dated?
Castle asked Madison if Beckett had a type. Which did she not mention?
What famous chef does Maddie think would ‘hit it off’ with Kate?
Overkill time, when Beckett and Demming go to knock off for the night, what were they going to do?
What seaside getaway did Demming want to take Kate to for Memorial Day weekend?
In PUNKED, we meet Josh aka DMB, when questioned why he was at the precinct, he said?
In SETUP, when DMB sees Castle what does he mutter?
Obligatory Rogan O’Leary question. When did Kate meet Rogan?
Which combination of Kate Beckett’s Ex-Beau’s appeared in the most episodes?
Men of Beckett
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