This week we challenge you to respond in a correct fashion to these inquiries based on the initial episode aired in the month of March. How well will you do? Only a click on the link will give you answers!

March In Like Lion

In the first ever episode and the first ever poker game, which two writers were playing?
When at Love Shackle, Castle said Beckett should buy something for her imaginary boyfriend. What did he first suggest?
In ONE LIFE TO LOSE, Lance Hastings bought diamond earrings to bribe his way off the show so he could play what actor’s dim witted father?
In A DANCE WITH DEATH, what Tennessee Williams play did Martha star in that Oona Marconi poorly reviewed?
In SCARED TO DEATH, what did Castle use to neutralize the killer?
In THE BELLY OF THE BEAST, what occupation did Evan Potter have, you know, The target to prove herself as Elena Markov?
In Hong Kong Hustle, The vic, Henry Graham, had a receipt to what resturant?
In the G.D,S. who allegedly was its founder?
Back to the beginning, What was Bert’s nickname for Martha, the one he used during their song and dance?
In THE MISTRESS ALWAYS SPANKS TWICE, Castle complained about Alexis trying out for cheerleading. What did he say she should have joined?
March In Like Lion
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