The old adage says MARCH in like a lion out like a lamb. With than in mind, today’s brain teasers are from episodes airing in the last couple of days in March. Put your knowledge to the test with these queries!

March: Out Like A Lamb

In HELL HATH NO FURY, when Castle calls Beckett his muse, she threatens to do what?
Who was running against Jeff Horn in HELL HATH NO FURY?
What NYC serial killer did Jordan Shaw compare Scott Dunn to?
When Wrapping up the case in Boom, Ryan asked if there was money for smart boards. What did Beckett reply?
In LAW & MURDER, how did Castle know Alexis was in Williamsburg?
What job did Lou Karnecki offer Roy Montgomery to let go of the investigation in LAW & MURDER.
In 47 SECONDS, what famous composer did Westside Wally say he saw?
Still 47 SECONDS, what was used to detonate the bomb in the plaza?
HABEAS CORPSE time, what was the routine RYESPO performed at the Policeman’s Benevolent Fundraiser the prior year?
An easy one to end in, same episode, what song did CASKETT sing in the shower at the end of the episode?
March: Out Like A Lamb
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