We have an oversized Trivia contest this week. That’s right, 50% more for the same low low price 😝😝😝. We offer one question from each May episode seasons 1 thru 7. Click to get started!

May Mega Mastery

In LITTLE GIRL LOST, what color was Angela’s stuffed rabbit?
In A DEATH IN THE FAMILY, Jimmy “the Rat” Moran had another nickname. What was it?
In FOOD TO DIE FOR, Maddie brought a basket of baked good to the station. It include Beckett’s favorite cookie. What was it?
In A DEADLY GAME, Alexis is going to a summer program at Princeton and a boy who is going also. What is his name?
In OVERKILL, what femme fatale name was used to book the seedy motel where Benny found the $75,000?
In TO LOVE OR DIE IN LA, when Beckett was upgraded to first class, what was her seat number?
In PRETTY DEAD, Beckett told us her roommate was into the pageant scene. What was her name?
In KNOCKOUT, who was the cop who ran the records room between 2002 and 2005?
In ALWAYS, what car company did Cole Maddie rent a car from?
In THE HUMAN FACTOR, which of Castle’s books was in the discount table?
In WATERSHED, when Espo asks “ You notice anything weird about Beckett?” what was Ryan’s reply?
In VERITAS, who is the captain in charge of Internal Affairs?
In FOR BETTER OR WORSE, where were CASKETT going to honeymoon?
SATURDAY NIGHT DEAD, which Danny Valentine show did Beckett say she saw a fair share of in college?
In HOLLANDERS WOODS, when Castle was 11 he stayed with a classmate while Martha toured in what Broadway play!
May Mega Mastery
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