Today’s foray into the triviality of CASTLE leads us to WASHINGTON DC where many a FED reside. Can you identify a spook from a civilian? if so, click and prove it!


This was the first FED to appear on the show. name him.
This agent killed someone with an ice cream scooper. Who is he?
This one just liked to play spy. Who is this who spent $5000 to do so?
This is Agent Shaw’s sidekick, do you know him?
After being abducted, Castle was interrogated by this Fed. Can you make him out thru the blaring light?
Stana met this actor in a previous series. Who is this NSA heavy?
Tell me who this DEA agent is from CUFFED?
He introduced himself as Jack Patterson, assistant to Francisco Pillar, but his real name was Kenny Weizer, and he worked for this agency.
THis FED ran point on Alexis’ abduction. What is his name?
This is Beckett’s boss in the Attorney General’s office. Which country in the America’s is Carl Vallante nationality?
This tech geek agent was instrumental in helping Castle survive in the season 6 premier.
This man was assigned to as a liaison to Beckett during the disappearance of Castle. Who was this less than helpful agent?
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