Once again let’s test you knowledge on everything pertaining to CASTLE! This time we will show a picture of a victim and ask you to identify them. Are you as good as Lanie, Beckett and the boys? Only one way to find out…

Name That Vic!

A real deranged Castle fan might have killed this poor bastard. Who is he?
Who is this unfortunate soul from THE DOUBLE DOWN?
No PROBABLE CAUSE for her death except Jerry Tyson wanted it. Identify her.
Did Bigfoot really do the deed here in the FAST AND FURRIEST and upon whom?
Royce said he did a skip-trace for this guy who just happened to be murdered in UNDER THE GUN.
Who is this vic who had to be chiseled out of a cement overcoat in KILL THE BALLISTICS.
It took a mere 47 seconds to kill this vic along with 4 others. Who was this protest organizer?
This champion swimmer somehow drowned, who was this athlete from Bensonhurst?
A $300 a night is a bargain for this vic according to Lanie, who is this impersonator?
Our vic came from the DEN OF THIEVES, who is he?
Name That Vic!
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