As we are firmly settled into the 11th month of the year, let us explore some of the more memorable instances provided by those episodes aired in this autumn month. Click away and celebrate the best of November!


In FAMOUS LAST WORDS, What iconic New York City venue did Hayley Blue perform her last concert?
IN ONE MAN’S TREASURE, which heretical characteristic did Beckett say Alexis DID NOT acquire from Castle?
In KILL THE MESSENGER, Castle references the movie QUICKSILVER. What famous actor starred in it?
In LOVE ME DEAD, Scarlett said she drove into New York in what kind of car?
In ALMOST FAMOUS, what type of booze was in the stripper cop’s squirt gun?
IN MURDER MOST FOWL, Castle finds a feather of what kind of bird next to the dead body?
IN CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE MURDEROUS KIND, The murder weapon was an altitude chamber . Espo says there in only one in the 5 boroughs of NYC. What university is it at?
IN HEARTBREAK HOTEL, Castle likens The victim to which GODFATHER movie character?
IN KILL SHOT, What was the name of the coffee shop all three victims got their coffee from?
IN THE FINAL FRONTIER, what was Gabriel Winters catch phrase?
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