This week our quiz is showing some love for our favorite Medical Examiner, Dr. Sidney Purlmutter! Only kidding, Dr. Lanie Parish! Click to see show your affection for Lanie by taking our challenge!


What are the first words ever spoken by Dr. Lanie Parish?
At the lake in Central Park in HEDGEFUND HOMEYBOYS, What is Lanie’s reply when Beckett asks how she was?
In NANNY McDEAD what did Lanie say was the murder weapon?
In HELL HATH NO FURY, who or what doesn’t Lanie expect after 7pm?
How did Lanie identify the vic in A CHILL GOES THRU HER VEINS.
Dr. Parrish did not appear on screen in which season 1 episode?
In HOME IS WHERE THE HEART STOPS, what did Laney say the killer used to remove the vic’s ring?
In GHOST, how did Lanie know the vic was from Westchester?
How long did Dr. Parish say Joshua Leeds was dead in A DEATH IN THE FAMILY..
In DEEP IN DEATH when Lanie was up in the tree complaining, how did Espo say it could be worse?
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