Let’s see how well you do being questioned on the tenth episode of each season, except season 8. Will you score a PERFECT 10?


In A DEATH IN THE FAMILY, Castle asked Beckett to do what in regard to Owen, Alexis’s prom date
In ONE MAN’S TREASURE, nobody heard a gunshot. What did ESPO say was used as a poor man’s silencer
In LAST CALL, Beckett says “ is anything ever really the way that we remember it in grade school?” What doctor were her memories from?
One more from LAST CALL. What Pro Wrestling move did Espo take down the suspect with on the dock?
In CUFFED, what Johnny Depp movie character did the Vic use to register at the motel they found him dead at?
Still CUFFED, which three letter agency was agent Chuck Martinez from?
In SIGNIFICANT OTHERS, because Meredith is staying at the loft, Castle books he and Beckett into which NYC hotel?
STILL with SIGNIFICANT OTHERS, What spice did Meredith put in Castle’s coffee for a ‘pick me up?’
In THE GOOD,THE BAD AND THE BABY, what was the name of the lottery?
In BAD SANTA, what did Lanie tell her parents about her and Espo?
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