This week lets see if we know who is guilty and who is not! click away to see how many of these perps, skels,dirtbags, sleestacks you remember from season 3!

Perp walk season 3

Pictured here, Kitty Kanary was arrested in which episode?
He, like Castle, got PUNKED. Who is this who shot at the Vic but did not deliver the fatal shot?
In UNDER THE GUN, many were arrested at the end of the show, but who is this guy?
Suspected of murder in HE’S DEAD, SHE’S DEAD, his alibi was he found true love. Name him.
In ANATOMY OF A MURDERER, this pictured person killed Dr. Valerie Monroe. Who is he?
3XK, May have gotten away with murder, but this guy got immunity for his part as accessory to murder.
The person pictured was the ‘mastermind’ behind the murder of Officer McNaughty? Name him, please?
He might not have shot Lightbulb Lenny, but he will be serving time anyway, guess who?
When Donny Hayes was found floating in the East river, this person was first suspected. What is his real name?
With their marriage on the rocks, which of our matchmakers clients killed Stacey Collins?
Perp walk season 3
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