This week the questions have no rhyme or reason and I wonder if that is a good thing? We are bringing minutiae to a new level. So how many random tidbits do you know about Castle? In any case, try your luck (and knowledge) to see how smart a Castle fan you are. Click away if you dare!

Random Ruminations

Which daytime drama did Castle get the plot for his first novel?
Martha spent three weeks on Temptstion Lane. Which of the following did NOT happen to her?
What is Detective Kevin Ryan badge number?
Besides Poker, what other activity does Castle engage in with the Judge Markaway?
As a thank you, what bakery items does Alex Conrad give to Beckett?
In LAST CALL, what did MCGUIGAN mix into his bottle of Saint Miriam
In season 4 we get introduced to Detective Ethan Slaughter. What was Slaughter’s nickname?
In Valkyrie, when Castle surprises Beckett in DC, what does he plan for dinner before being abducted?
In Probable Cause, Jerry Tyson dons a police uniform to confront Castle in the jail cell. What did his name plate say he was?
What nickname did Kate go by at Stanford?
Random Ruminations
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