This week we shall tumble the dice to determine what episodes we will quiz you on. So hit the enter button and prove your CASTLE excellence?

Tumbling Dice

In RECOIL, how did they identify to charred victim?
In KNOCKDOWN, Where did Beckett say Josh was when Castle asked?
In THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE BABY, what side dish did Kate say Jim would bring?
In POOF, YOU’RE DEAD, Rumor has it that he was creating cutting edge illusions for the hottest guy out there, Tobias Strange. What actor did Castle equate him to?
In DIAL M FOR MAYOR, what Shakespeare play was Martha’s class rehearsing in Castle’s living room?
IN THE FIFTH BULLET, What sovereignty did Bahir Harun come from?
In THE LIVES OF OTHERS, where were Beckett and Castle supposed to be off vacationing?
In GET A CLUE, Castle offers Alexis and Pi a couch from storage. What color is it?
In ONCE UPON A CRIME, where did Martha claim she gave birth to Castle in her one woman show?
What was the name of the manifesto that Scott Dunn wrote that they found in the episode BOOM.
Tumbling Dice
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