The get the weekend off on the right foot by providing a bonus trivia quiz! This supersized test asks questions related to the last show of each year. So click away!

Season Ending Stumpers

In A DEATH IN THE FAMILY, Esposito said Jimmy “The Rat” Moran had a different nickname. What was it?
Still Season One, Castle gives Beckett a pep talk calling her extraordinary, what Russell Crowe movie does Castle reference when seeing her the next morning at the white board?
In A DEADLY GAME, Which of these activities does Castle NOT mention when trying to pursuade Beckett to come out to the Hamptons?
Still season 2, the fake id’s that Hugo put in the locker were for whom?
In KNOCKOUT, after their fight , how many calls did Beckett ignore from Castle?
Still season 3, who was the guard that' was paid off to move Lockwood into general population at the jail?
In ALWAYS, what hotel roof did Beckett and Maddox fight on?
Still season 4, where did Castle place the tassel from Alexis’ cap and gown when he got home?
In WATERSHED, what is Alexis going to study over the summer in Costa Rica?
Still season 6, the Vic met an old friend Talia for lunch. What Ivy League college did they both attend?
In FOR BETTER OR WORSE, Which of his novels did he just autograph 500 copies?
Still season 6, What band’s tour bus did Rogan say Beckett picked the lock on in order to steal a jacket?
In HOLLANDER’S WOODS, what was the title of the story young Rick write?
In HOLLANDER’sS WOODS, As the awards ceremony was winding down , Castle mentioned that he might write a different kind of novel. What genre did he say?
Season Ending Stumpers
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