Today we wander back a decade (or so) and see what we remember from season 2. Click away to show your brilliance!

Season 2 Shenanigans

In WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS, when teasing Castle, what did he say the murder weapon was?
In the DOUBLE DOWN, the husband found his wife dead after attending a basketball game at Madison Square Garden. Who was playing?
In DEEP IN DEATH, Espo asks Beckett why she doesn’t wear a stripper cop uniform, what was her reply?
In INVENTING THE GIRL, which designer did the victim model for?
In FOOL ME ONCE,what classic con movie did Kate Beckett say she did not like?
In VAMPIRE WEEKEND, at PHANTASMAGORIUM, what costume did Castle suggest for Beckett?
In FAMOUS LAST WORDS, what rehab center did Hayley Blue go to?
In KILL THE MESSENGER, what precinct was the destination of the package?
In LOVE ME DEAD, when Castle summarizes the crime scene, what movie does he reference?
In ONE MAN’S TREASURE, the Vic was shot but the perp used a “poor man’s silencer” what did he use?
Season 2 Shenanigans
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