This week we have a sweet 16 stack of questions all based on episodes that aired on the 16th day of the month. Click to see how much you recall about these unique shows!


In NANNY MCDEAD, Martha decided to cook dinner, what did she make?
Still Nanny McDead, why did Castle have Beckett ride the elevator to discover the time difference (32 seconds to 37 seconds)?
In LOVE ME DEAD, Alexis calls Kate seeking advice. What is the name of the place they were going to meet?
Still about LOVE ME DEAD, what was the name of Espo’s friend, the Vice cop?
In KNOCKOUT, What did Kate see that was wrong during Lockwood’s arraignment?
STILL IN KNOCKOUT, when interviewing prison guard Haskell, what bombshell did he drop on Beckett?
In DIAL M FOR MAYOR, what institute of higher learning was Laura Cambridge Professor of Literature?
Still DIAL M FOR MAYOR, we are introduced to Trevor Hanes. Who is he?
Time for HEADHUNTERS, Castle is seen playing with dinosaur and a Barbie doll as Nikki Heat. What was the name of the dinosaur?
At the end of HEADHUNTERS, Slaughter says” If you ever want to go on a date that ends in sex after a drunken fistfight, you know where to find me.” What was Beckett’s reply?
In RECKONING, Jerry Tyson uses the name Michael Boudreau. Where did Boudreau say he was born?
STILL RECKONING, what hospital did they think Dr. Kelly Neiman was holding Beckett at?
In HONG KONG HUSTLE, Ensign Klemp made captain and assigned to what precinct?
Still in HONG KONG HUSTLE, which of these places did Chief Inspector Zhang NOT work at?
In CROSSFIRE, when rescuing Beckett & Castle, what kind of food truck was Mason Wood driving?
In which episode did Castle previously meet Mason Wood?
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