This week you come up against your greatest challenge as you will be butting heads with Trivia Grand Master GARY S.! How will you fare against his barely fair questions? Just a click will show you!

Gary S Tests You

In HEDGEFUND HOMEBOYS, what was the name of the victim?
In HELL HATH NO FURY, What name does Ryan call the cop that found the wallet in the dumpster?
Who was the killer in HEDGEFUND HOMEBOYS?
In A CHILL GOES THRU HER VEINS, What does Ryan give as a reason that people disappear of the face of the Earth?
Still Chillin’, Who brought the body to the construction site?
Still getting A CHILL, How long was she missing before it was reported as a homicide?
In what episode did Beckett say to Montgomery that "She didn't think she could have solved this case withour Castle's help.
Who directed the first (Flowers For Your Grace) and last (Crossfire) Castle Episodes
After Beckett and Castle get married who first refers to them as the Castles?
What is the real name of 3XK?
Gary S Tests You
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