This week in honor of the famous NYC train line, we shall interrogate you with questions from the 19th episode of each season. Jump aboard (after swiping your Metro card of course) and see how you do! Click away and prove your brilliance!

THE 1 & 9 LINE

In LITTLE GIRL LOST, Castle figures out that Beckett subscribes to his website. Who does he say she is (hint there are 2 correct answers).
In LITTLE LIST GIRL, Ryan wears a hideous tie given to him by his girlfriend for their two week anniversary. What gift did Castle say signified that milestone?
Still in LOVE ME DEAD, what kind of car did Scarlett Price drive into New York?
In CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE MURDEROUS KIND, Lanie finds something in the victims nose. Kate said it reminded her of when she got what stuck in her own nose?
LOVE ME DEAD suspect Norman Jessup applied to schools to learn what trade?
Still in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, Castle speaks Chinese, how did he learn it?
In 47 SECONDS, what classical composer did Westside Wally claim to have seen?
47 MORE SECONDS, name the plaza the bomb went off in.
In THE LIVES OF OTHERS, What did Alexis get Castle to cheer him up?
Still in the LIVES OF OTHERS, which remote controlled toy did Castle wreck while playing with it?
THE 1 & 9 LINE
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