Twelve questions about the 12th episode of each season (except 8). Can you infiltrate the decoys and secure the right answer? If so, click to conquer and capture the true target!


Ryan and Espo discuss the book dedicated to Kyra, Beckett catches them and asks” do you guys braid each other's hair and debate who's the coolest Jonas brother?” Who do they say it is?
In A ROSE FOR EVERAFTER, after meeting Shiela, Beckett said “ Wow. Just imagine, if things had worked out, you'd be spending ________ with her.
In POOF YOU’RE DEAD, Espo and Lanie wake up together, called to the murder scene. Which of these did Lanie NOT SAY that ESPO better not do?
POOF YOU’RE DEAD, suspect Jerome Aspenal claimed Zalman Drake did this during a magic performance.
In DIAL M FOR MAYOR, why did Castle miss Bob Weldon’s fundraiser?
What was the name of Mayor Bob Weldon’s charity?
In DEATH GONE CRAZY, what was the murder weapon that killed Beau Randolph?
Still DEATH GONE CRAZY, what was the video Seth Perrino was producing that Beau Randolph backed out of?
In DEEP COVER, there’s only one amusement park that has both fried clams and funnel cake and that park is?
In DEEP COVER, they discover a mole on the CIA. They named the mole after a part of the NASA space program? What us it’s name?
What was Castle’s first PI case in PRIVATE EYE CARAMBA?
Turns out Esposito watched telenovelas? He watched them with his Tia? Who was she?
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