This time, we visit the DOUBLE DEUCE, no, not the iconic bar where Patrick Swayze kicked butt. No, we are talking about seeing how much you remember from the Twenty-Second episode of each season from 2 thru 6. Click away N show me your stuff!


Season 2, FOOD TO DIE FOR, what cooking show did Baltizar Wolfe win?
Still FOOD TO DIE FOR, what was the name of the cafe Wolfe went to every day prior to his murder
Season 3, TO LOVE AND DIE IN LA, Royce’s killer used the pseudonym Neil McCauley. What Robert DiNero movie was that character from?
Still in LA, what did Maurice schedule for Beckett and Castle at seven o’clock?
Season 4, UNDEAD AGAIN, Alexis is choosing colleges and said the the best choices seem to be Oxford and Stanford. Castle countered with three local colleges. Which one did he NOT mention?
STILL UNDEAD, Castle asks Beckett “ If you could be any supernatural creature, what would it be? ” She replied?
SEASON 5, THE SQUAB AND THE QUAIL, What Latin American company was the focus of the dinner discussion?
Still Squabbing, When Castle said in was in the zone like a famous hockey player, Beckett retorted “ Well at least ______ knew how to score. Fill in the blank!
Season 6, IN VERITAS, first scene sees Castle in a hotel room signing a book. Which novel was it?
Still in VERITAS, which New England state were Castle and Beckett driving in when Kate had the revelation about the cassette tape?
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