Today we deliver TRIVIA on time 😝😝😝. Putting a bit of a twist on things, this test we ask about guest stars of the show and you need to tell us what episode they first appeared in. If you think you can beat the odds, click away and prove it!

The first time we met...

Name the episode we were introduced to Tech Queen Tory Ellis.
Tell us when you first spotted our alternate Medical Examiner
This tall policeman was first featured in what episode?
So tell me, when do we see Jim Beckett first?
We meet the love of Kevin Ryan’s life in which show?
Senator Bracken burst upon our scene in which installment?
Sometimes we all need help, when did we see Beckett visit Dr. Carter Burke for the first time?
This shadowy character stepped into CASTLE in which episode?
This poker buddy of Castle joined other writers in playing cards in which show?
This young officer also has a writer Beau, tell me, when do we get introduced to Ann Hastings?
BONUS: she said “we’ll meet again” but tell me when did we first meet Dr. Kelly Nieman?
The first time we met...
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