It’s our first TRIVIA contest of October so as you would expect, today we will tease you on the first episode of the 10th month of the year. We’re you paying attention? Do you need a refresher? Click away to see.


In INVENTING THE GIRL, Castle says jealousy is a prime motive for movies and mentioned movies. Beckett retorted, “Nobody killed anyone in...” what movie?
Still INVENTING THE GIRL, Beckett asks” So, what would Nikki Heat do after a bad day?” Which one is NOT Mentioned?
In UNDER THE GUN, what did Beckett say Johanna’s favorite saying was?
Still UNDER THE GUN, What book did Random steal from BOOK MART?
In HEAD CASE, LANIE says there is an imprint from a box or suitcase. What does Castle say is in it?
Still HEAD CASE, What is the name of the cryogenic company?
In CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE IF MURDER, why hasn’t Castle told Alexis and Martha about their relationship?
Things are still CLOUDY, why did Beckett not kiss Castle at the end of the episode?
NEED TO KNOW time, fill in the blank “ Cool For School” is huge over there. Dewey is to Russia what David Hasselhoff is to _______.”.
One more TOO COOL question, what was the name of Dewey Hancock’s girlfriend?
In MONTREAL, Williger Toys made what doll?
Still in Canada, who did Castle meet in Montreal?
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