This time we take a peek at the 9th episode of the seasons of CASTLE. See how much you remember as we quiz you on some truly abstract facts! Click to be transported to all things CASTLE!

TO THE 9’s

How much was the ransom demand in LITTLE CHILD LOST?
LOVE ME DEAD, Alexis seeks out Beckett’s advice on what?
In CLOSE ENCOUNTERS... where did they find the vic’s body?
KILL SHOT, which of these were NOT a target of the sniper?
In CLOSE ENCOUNTERS... we find out Ashley’s last name. What is it?
In KILL SHOT, we find out who is Beckett’s physical therapist. Who is it?
In SECRET SANTA, Beckett identifies Santa’s boots were custom made. She knows because she got these custom made?
Who is Alexis dating in SECRET SANTA that she wants to visit on Christmas Eve?
IN DISCIPLE, what song was on the usb drive hidden in the pen?
In LAST ACTION HERO, what movie are Kate and Castle decide to watch after the case is over?
TO THE 9’s
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