Sorry, I’m a day late, but here is the next installment of TRVIA! Titled TUMBLING DICE. It works like this, five die are rolled, one is the season and the other 4 are added together to identify the episode the question will be about. Click away and enjoy!


In SUICIDE SQUEEZE, when Beckett mentioned Cuba, what did Castle say he would bring?
In LAW & MURDER, What kind of car did Lyla Addison get killed in?
In CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, what was ex-boyfriend Ted Carter’s alibi?
In MURDER GONE CRAZY, what was the brand of brassiere used to choke Beau Randolph?
In DUAL M FOR MAYOR, how much money did Bob Weldon allegedly embezzle?
In ALWAYS BUY RETAIL, Castle learned vodun researching which Derrick Storm novel?
In A DEATH IN THE FAMILY, Which of these does Castle NOT use to describe Sorenson?
In SUCKER PUNCH, Johnny Vong said he learned English watching what Bert Reynolds movie?
In KNOCKDOWN, when formulating a plan, Castle says Montgomery does this 15 minutes past each hour.
In BOOM, Beckett describes Castle as having the attention span of what dog breed?
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